Vinyl Wood Flooring

Vinyl Wood Flooring

Set the tone for your home decor when installing vinyl flooring.

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Prestige Renovations


Our method is designed to improve your vinyl floor remodeling.

Vinyl floors are ideal for Florida homeowners. It doesn’t soak up moisture quickly, so your floors are protected against water damage and humid weather. In South Florida, you need quality floors that sustain through inclement climates. Preserve your floors from sandy feet and paws with this type of flooring material, as it helps eliminate scratches with a protective barrier.

Your design options are endless with vinyl floors. Obtain a new flooring design that will last for years. Choose different colors and textures that compliment your home style with an arrow bone or a straight pattern flooring. You won’t have to strain yourself to keep your floors clean. Regular sweeping and mopping conserve your floors.

Install new floors that resemble nice-looking wood without dealing with tedious upkeep. If you want to transition from carpet to hardwood floors, vinyl floors will be easier to maintain and provide a healthier living space.

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Your Flooring Renovation is essential to your home.


Your Flooring Renovation is essential to your home.

Outdated home floors ruin the mood in your home. Revamping it adds comfort and warmth to your living space. Have you noticed that your floors sweat when it’s humid outside? If moisture keeps seeping into your floors, it could signify that you need new floors installed.

Bouncy tiles and chipped tiles lessen the value of your home and make it difficult for you and your family to function. Stop dreading the upkeep of your floors and make the change to improve the quality of your home. New floors make cleaning more manageable, giving you more time to spend with your family.

Your floors help set the foundation of your home. One of the ways that you can ensure that the foundation of your home is strong is by getting new quality floors that have a smooth surface. Let us install your vinyl floors. Our team is fast and completes the job with a quick turnaround time with efficiency.
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Technical Consideration


Our Method For Start to Finish Floor Remodeling

The technical aspect of installing your flooring is one of the most crucial steps to complete a beautifully finished floor. It takes proper planning to have quality floors that will last years after installation.

Prestige Renovations ensure that you are satisfied with the material we use and the finishing touches. A quality installation is more than just looking aesthetically pleasing. We will inspect your floors for proper measurements in specific areas. Tile or wood measurements can vary around toilets and stand-alone sinks, and the wrong sizes can cause your base to become loose and lifted.

Fixing mistakes is costly and delays the process of finishing your renovations. You don’t want to deal with the frustration of hiring contractors that does improper flooring installations. It can potentially damage your home’s foundation and make it unsafe for high-traffic areas in your home.

We know how important the structure of your home is, and that is why our team inspects all areas before we begin installing flooring materials. Our team wants to make this process stress-free for you and get the job completed right away. You can trust us for quality and affordable floors. Our contractors are certified in flooring services and are skilled at working efficiently.

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High-Quality Renovations

Our renovations are exceptional and will last so that you don’t have to worry about constantly completing new renovations every year. When you hire us, you can enjoy the ambiance and functionality of your home longer.

One Company For Multiple Projects

Prestige Renovation can complete projects throughout your home-from kitchen to the bathroom. Dealing with multiple renovations can delay renovations. You can depend on us to finish your home remodeling seamlessly and on time.

Professional Services

The satisfaction of our clients is essential to us. At Prestige Renovation, revealing a finished project is an experience we want to see you enjoy.