Your bathroom is one of the most valuable areas in your home that you can remodel. It’s a place for serenity, and new renovations upgrade the value of your home. Homeowners who have lived in their homes for over ten years tend to experience outdated fixtures and tarnished tubs with low water pressure from their showerheads. With a new bathroom renovation, you can feel comfort and assurance that your bathroom will be highly functional and not disrupt one of the few “me” times you get throughout the day.

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, here are some ideas that you can incorporate.

Changing your bathroom fixtures

Improve your bathroom shower fixtures and sink faucets to match your bathroom design. You don’t have to choose the traditional silver fixtures and faucets. Get creative and add some flair to your bathroom that makes you visually pleased every time you walk into your bathroom. Matte black or gold fixtures are great color options for a modern look. Vessel bathroom sinks can make a great focal point in your bathroom to add a spa-like feel to your bathroom. Play around with different textures to get styles that go well with your countertops.

You can add light gold showerheads and faucets for a luxury look inside your shower. Wood-like shower fixtures can give your bathroom a bohemian style, ideal if you have a big window that offers a nice view from your shower or tub. You can get that outdoor shower ambiance while soaking in your tub.

Adding a vanity mirror

Foggy mirrors from heated showers can be annoying when getting ready for your day. Our team can install a smart vanity mirror that has an anti-fog feature. You’ll be able to get ready in your bathroom without using your hand or a towel to wipe away the fog.

LED vanity mirrors allow you to set your bathroom lighting to any brightness you desire. For anyone who puts on makeup to get ready, LED mirrors are ideal for seamless makeup. You no longer need to find natural lighting in your home when applying your makeup.

The lighting in your bathroom sets the mood by setting your mirror light that turns your bathroom into a soothing ambiance.

Revamp your bathroom floors

Bathroom floors are prone to deteriorating from the significant amount of moisture in your bathroom. Floors are vulnerable to water damage, but a suitable flooring material can provide long-lasting floors. Vinyl is one of the best options for your bathroom. It is moisture-resistance and is excellent for when you have wet floors after coming out of the shower.

Choose from a plethora of wood vinyl flooring alternatives that set the tone in your bathroom. Whether it’s natural wood or gray wood, new floors can change up the style of your bathroom. If you are renovating your bathroom, a different flooring material can elevate your entire bathroom. Installing easy-to-clean floors will make cleaning your bathroom more manageable and keep your flooring looking nice longer.

Repaint Your Walls and Include a backsplash

A new paint or wall texture can make your new bathroom appliances look even better. Choose different types of painting textures such as satin or gloss. It’s minor details that can transform the look of your bathroom. Sage green or a black coat can change your bathroom from eccentric to contemporary.

With a fresh coat of paint, add a backsplash to your bathroom. A well-designed backsplash is not only for the kitchen. Backsplashes behind your bathroom sink and shower protect your wall from mold and mildew. If you want more than a painting in your bathroom, a backsplash can give an artistic aura to your bathroom.

In conclusion

Take your bathroom to another level with stylish fixtures and a faucet that compliments your backsplash. A vanity mirror makes getting ready a breeze in a freshly painted bathroom with water-resistant flooring.

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